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Competitions Corner

General Information
As a rule most competitions are internal competitions or as in the case of the Hendon League and the Cumbria league are multi discipline postal competitions. This means your entry is shot at the club and witnessed by another club member. John our competitions officer then collates the used targets and posts them off to the respective competion address.

Needless to say we are not limited to the competitions listed if you have any ideas let us know. Competitions are open to every one Running Boar and Turning targets have proved good fun and very popular.

Hendon League
The Hendon League consists of 7 rounds three weeks apart. When you receive your targets John will also give you a list of the dates that each round must be shot by. If you lose your list do not worry as the dates are replicated in the calender on this website, just left click and it will show you the relevant round.

Cumbria & Northumbria
The Cumbria League is 10 rounds, 1 round every two weeks. The same applies as the Hendon League, John will give you your targets and a list for when they should be shot by. This is also replicated in the calender on the website.

Running Boar
This is an internal competition which is good fun and enjoyed by all. No winners or losers in this one, everyone has the opportunity of increasing speed and accuracy while having fun. What could be better?

Turning Targets
You will have seen this in a lot of movies, one minute nothing, then without much notice a target will turn giving you the opportunity to shoot.Yet another increase in your speed and accuracy while having fun.

Duelling Targets
Dont worry its not high noon at the OK Corral. Contestants take part in a draw and shoot competition which is timed. You have heard of Wild Bill Hickok, we have our own version Tame Bill a very good and patient instructor who also has the fastest times. Why not see if you can beat him.

Penquin Shoot
Another speed and accuracy contest. You must shoot at a number of Penquins on a paper target and each one must be shoot once before you start again. The idea is to shoot as many penquins as possible. Sounds easy until you take into account its a timed contest and rifle magazines are not allowed, each bullet must be loaded individually.

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