Penhiwpal Shooting Club

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The Committee & Friends

Two emails that make it all worthwhile. The first email comes from a new member that finished his probation and was notified that the committee approved full membership. This is his response received shortly afterwards.

Hi Dave,
Thank you for the notification that the Club committee has offered me full membership which I am most grateful to accept. As requested in your email, I have paid the amount of £22.00 by BACS to cover membership fees until the annual membership fee is due on 1st February 2023 and I will take a copy of the letter to hand to the Duty Officer on my next visit.
I would like to thank the Committee for approving my full membership, importantly I would like to thank all those members who have helped me through my probationary period with their knowledge, advice encouragement, and expertise - I have learned a lot and it has been a great pleasure to meet them and work with them.
Kind regards

The second email comes from a long serving club member. This member also does his bit as he is one of the instructors that carries out the Home Office induction courses on behalf of the club.

This is a bloody great club, the best in Wales. I would like to thank the whole Committee for all their dedicated, hard work in making the club such a great place to visit. I say visit as it is not just a shooting club but a great social club for those who just want to turn up and soak up the atmosphere with good friends over a coffee and packed lunch.
Great job all and a big thank you from me.

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