Penhiwpal Shooting Club

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General Queries & FAQ’s

When is the club open?
We try to open every Sunday and Wednesday from around 11am until around 4pm although in winter we may close earlier if no one is shooting.

Do I need to book my first visit?
No, just turn up on the last Sunday of the month and ask for the duty officer. Please bring some identification with you (photo I.D. if possible, a driving licence is fine)

Why must my first visit be on the last Sunday of the month?
As a Home Office approved shooting club we can only have visitors on specified 'visitor days' which are notified to the local police. We are restricted to how many of these we have in a year. 

How much does it cost to join?
£25 joining fee which includes the cost of the Home Office safety course then Probationers pay a lump sum of £75 (£25 for under 18's) for the six month probation period. Once satisfactorily completing their probation full membership may be offered and is £150 per year for Adults or £50 per year for Juniors.

Do I have to pay a range fee every time I shoot?
No a range fee is not charged, nor do we have any intention of charging a range fee at this time.

How often will I need to attend?
Probationary members must attend regularily for six months. Twelve attendances regulariy spaced out over six months is usually considered an absolute minimum.

Do I need my own gun?
The club has a number of guns available for members and probationers to borrow. There is no charge for this.

When can I apply for a Firearms Certificate?
The firearms act requires anyone wishing to obtain a FAC for target shooting to be a full member of a Home Office Approved target club. You will therefore need to wait until you are a full member.

What is "Section 21"?
Section 21 of the firearms act prohibits anyone who has been sentenced to 3 months custody or more from handling or being in possession of firearms or ammunition. The period of prohibition depends on the length of their sentence.

I’m under 18 - can I come along on my own?
Juniors (under 18) must be accompanied by a parent or guardian (or a responsible adult) when on club premises. Parents and Guardian need not be members and do not pay a fee (unless they are shooting) but must sign the visitors book on each visit.

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